Sunday, May 31, 2015

FREEBIE of the week

The FREEBIE of the week is created by
Katie Jones.

Get these six FREE posters for your classroom.
1. simile
2. metaphor
3. personification
4. onomatopoeia
5. hyperbole
6. idiom

Click on the picture to download the 

FREE Figurative Language Anchor Charts

Monday, May 25, 2015

End of year AWARDS

Are you looking for a simple 
'End of year' 
gift for your students?
These AWARDS are just adorable!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

FREEBIE of the week

I just love Mystery Pictures! 

The FREEBIE of the week
 is created by
 Mrs Thompson's Treasures.

It's a FREE butterfly hundreds chart Mystery Picture.

It's perfect for the end of spring!

It will allow students to practice place value and recognize colors and numbers on a hundreds chart. 

Click on the picture to download this freebie.

FREE Butterfly Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture


Friday, May 22, 2015

MY Top Ten Tips for TpT sellers

In April, I wrote a post about the top 10 mistakes I made when I started selling on Teachers pay Teachers. 
Click here to read the post: TOP 10 MISTAKES

I've learned a lot in the past 18 months. Here are the top 10 tips that have helped me sell resources on TpT.

1. Use PowerPoint
It is so much easier to use PowerPoint. My first products were created in Word and I still regret it. (very much!)

DO offer a preview of your products as often as possible. Don't forget to add watermarks on your products or write 'preview' on each page. If you forget this, people can download your product for free.
Previews are visually appealing. When people see the value in your work, they will buy it.

3. Networking
When I started selling on TpT, I had no clue how to use Pinterest, Instragram or Twitter. Let me tell you that I had to learn FAST. 
YOU need to sell YOUR products. To sell them, they need to be visible in social media.

I don't always do the same thing because
 I like to keep it fresh. Here are a few ideas that will help you get your name and products out there.

a) Boost a product on FB:  Don't hesitate! I always choose a small amount of about $3.

b) Flash freebie: Sometimes, when I'm close to reaching an even number of followers, I'll announce on FB that a Flash Freebie will be available when I reach it.
So if I have 1,590 followers on TpT and I want to reach 1,600, I will use this strategy.

c) Celebrate a followers milestoneSometimes, when I reach a follower milestone like 1,600, I'll promote on FB by saying visit my store, choose a product you would love for your class and add the title in a comment. Then, a few days later, pick a random winner. 

4. Choosing a title on TpT
 Keep it simple and think of what YOU would search for. So if your cover page title is Idiom puzzles, you might want to use a simple title like Idioms when uploading on TpT.

5. Using data
Look at your sales to determine what products are selling very well. Then, create some products that are related to those. Hyperlink them in your product and in your description on TpT. I have an Idiom resource that is a big seller. So, I decided to create a few more idiom products and linked it to my first, best selling resource. 


Idioms                   Idioms

6. Cover page
 You need to grab the buyer's attention. Create eye catching cover pages with nice, bright colors and frames. Your title should be EASY to read.  

7. Blog about...
Blogging about your products and showing them off in pictures will bring more attention to your products. People will see how they can use them in their classroom. I'm still working on this one!

8. Keep building your store
I started selling at the end of October 2013. I now have 243 products in my store. I work very hard. 
Build your store by creating quality resources. DO take care of your buyers by responding to feedback (as much as possible) and answering their occasional questions. DO send a note to your followers each month.
Keep it fresh! Make sure your banners are always updated!

9. This is your second full time job
Of course you love teaching. We all do! But, if you're serious about selling, don't treat this as a part time job. Take it seriously. Invest time, money in quality clipart and marketing! It WILL pay off.   

10. Protect your products
Add your copyright on EACH page. 

I hope that some of these tips might help you out. If you have more tips to share, please write them in a comment.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

French Flip Books

French Flip Books
I've baptized these with this French title:
Livre à cachettes

Let me tell you that I'm just flipping over these flip books. They're different, easy to assemble and fun.
 The best part is...students love them.

Voici les ressources qui sont présentement disponibles dans ma boutique:

Cette ressource peut être exploitée n'importe quand pendant l'année scolaire.
Saisons livre à cachettes - Seasons Flip Book in French

Fête des pères
Ce livre à cachettes en forme de cravate saura plaire aux papas qui le recevront.
Fêtes des pères - livre à cachettes (cadeau parfait) - Fre

Groupes alimentaires
Découvrez les groupes alimentaires ou démontrez vos connaissances à l'aide cette ressource.
Groupes alimentaires - livre à cachettes (French Food Grou

Me voici!
Cette ressource plaisante et interactive est parfaite pour 

souligner  la rentrée scolaire ou pour toutes autres activités 

en lien avec la découverte et la présentation de soi-même.  

Moi - Me Voici! - Livre à cachettes

Qu'en pensez-vous? En avez-vous essayé dans votre salle de classe?

Friday, May 15, 2015

FREEBIE of the week

These FREE fraction cards have been 
created by
180 Days and Counting.

This resource includes:
- fraction bars
- fraction circles
- fraction sets

Click on the picture to download your FREEBIE.
Fraction Bars, Circles, and Sets

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Want to win a $25 TpT Gift Certificate AND three Flip Books?

Click on this picture to participate.

Winner: Tina Boley

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day idea

Are you looking for a last minute Mother's Day gift idea? I've got something that is unique, simple to make and very personal.

Perfect gift!

Check it out!

Mother's Day

Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher appreciation week - SALE

That's right! We love teachers!
TpT is having a sale to say THANK YOU for everything you do.

This is the perfect time stock up on End of year, Mother's Day, Father's Day resources and even Back to school stuff. 

I hope you have a wonderful week.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Writing Center is featured in the newsletter

I'm so excited that my WRITING CENTER is featured in the newsletter.

This resource is one of my best sellers. 
I've sold over 600 copies.


***This is FANTASTIC! This gets me started with my new Writer's Workshop so easily and with quick organization. Thank you so much!***

***This is exactly what I have been looking for or wanting to create on my own. What a great set of materials for an even better price. I have already printed, mounted on cardstock, laminated and hung it on the wall near my writing table. I will refer to it all year, I am certain! THANK YOU!***

***My students are excited to have access to a plethora of various writing options- thank you!***

***Outstanding! I have been looking for something for my writing centre and to use for each genre. Absolutely perfect!***

Check it out:

Marcheur Mystérieux

Le marcheur mystérieux est un moyen d'encourager les élèves à circuler en silence dans le corridor. 

Avant de sortir dans le corridor, l'enseignante pige au hasard le nom d'un (ou deux) élève en cachette. Elle dit ensuite aux élèves que le marcheur mystérieux a été choisi, sans nommer le nom de l'élève. Elle s'assure de regarder tous les élèves afin de les motiver. Elle dit clairement ses attentes: Le marcheur mystérieux doit marcher à la droite dans le corridor et circuler en silence. Elle termine en disant: Avanç surveille le marcheur mystérieux! (Elle s'assure de regarder chaque élève)

Lors du retour en classe, l'enseignante nomme l'élève qui a bien réussi et le félicite. L'élève peut alors mettre son nom dans une boite pour un tirage à la fin du mois. Si l'élève sélectionné n'a pas réussi, l'enseignante ne nomme pas son nom. Elle dit tout simplement que l'élève a oublié de circuler en silence. 

À la fin de chaque mois, l'enseignante choisit un ou plusieurs noms dans la boite.

Essayez-le...ça fonctionne!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

FREEBIE of the week

The freebie of the week is created by 
Sing Smile and Learn.

These striped color frames are so cute!
I can't wait to use them!

Click on the picture to download.
Striped Color Frames {FREEBIE}

Friday, May 1, 2015

Présentement en mai

Eh oui...déjà le mois de mai. 
Je peux vous dire que le temps passe très vite lorsque nous avons du plaisir. Il ne reste plus que 7 semaines de classes. Ensuite, je vais relaxer avec mes enfants.  

Je vous invite à lire mon rallye-lien "Présentement".

j'écoute Shakira!
Ma fille de huit ans vient de découvrir Shakira et elle l'ADORE. Donc, si vous pouvez bien  imaginer, elle veut toujours écouter ses chansons et ses vidéos. 

je veux que les Canadiens gagnent.
Bon...Tampa 1, Canadiens 0
Je garde espoir. Carey Price est très talentueux, c'est ce que dit mon fils. C'est un plaisir de regarder les parties en famille. 
Go Habs Go!

j'aime le soleil qui fond la neige!
Je sais que cet énoncé peut paraître bizarre, mais croyez-moi qu'il y a encore beaucoup de neige ici, sur nos gazons. Je suis donc très tannée de la neige et contente quand je vois un soleil ou même de la pluie (qui va faire fondre la neige).

je pense que l'année a passé vite!
C'est toujours comme ça. Je commence l'année scolaire et pouf, la fin arrive rapidement. Je pense bien que c'est un bon signe. Quand on aime notre travail, le temps passe vite!

Présentement, j'ai besoin de jardiner!
J'adore jardiner et j'adore manger des légumes frais. Avec la neige encore très présente, je devrai attendre un peu cette année. J'ai acheté de la terre et des graines et je vais commencer quelques plants à l'intérieur pour ensuite les transplanter dans un mois. 

Cliquez ici pour lire d'autres présentement en mai.